Alabama Board of Engineers and Land Surveyors

Certificate of Authorization

(Company Certificates for Engineering & Land Surveying)

Certificate of Authorization Requirements

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The Certificate of Authorization form can be completed in the PDF format. Just click where you want to start typing. However, it cannot be saved. You must print it when you finish typing.

Certificate of Authorization Forms

Engineering Application
(new, reinstatement, amended and expired)


Land Surveying Application
(new, reinstatement, amended and expired)


Supplemental Form

Cancellation Form

Should the principal officers of your firm or corportation or the partners, if a partnership, or the individuals in responsible charge of the practice of engineering or surveying for your firm in this State change during the year, you are required to file an amended form with this Board within thirty (30) days of such change.

If you have any questions concerning Certificate of Authorizations, call (334) 242-5568.