Alabama Board of Engineers and Land Surveyors

Filing a Complaint and Enforcement Actions

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Complaint Form

The complaint form can be completed in the PDF format. Just click where you want to start typing. However, it cannot be saved. You must print it when you finish typing.

Complaint Process

A guide on how to file a complaint and what happens once a complaint is filed.

Enforcement Actions

A list of enforcement actions taken at Board Meetings by the Board against licensees, non-licensees and companies. The list starts with the January 9, 2004 Board Meeting and is updated after each meeting.

In order to safeguard life, health and property, and to promote the public welfare, the Board is resposible for issuing certificates of licensure to qualified professional engineers and professional land surveyors. It is also responsible for enforcing the licensure law and the rules of professional conduct as they apply to the practice of engineering and land surveying. The Board can take enforcement action against licensees or against individuals not licensed who are offering or performing engineering or land surveying services. Actions involving the un-licensed practice of engineering or surveying can also be referred to the local district attorney for criminal prosecution.

The Board has the power to reprimand, censure, place on probation or fine any licensee, certified intern, corporation, partnership, or firm. It can also suspend, refuse to renew, or revoke the certificate of licensure of any licensee or certified intern, or the certificate of authorization of a corporation, partnership, or firm. The Board may assess a civil penalty against any non-licensed person, corporation, or other entity found guilty of violating the provisions of the Licensure Law and the Administrative Code.

You may call the board office at 334-242-5568 to inquire if there has been any enforcement actions taken against an individual or company and what those actions have been. The license search of this web page will identify if there has been any formal disciplinary action taken against a licensee and you can go to the Enforcement Action link to see the detailed information. The license search will not identify non-licensees who have had disciplinary actions taken against them.

The Board must depend in large on reports from the public, engineering professionals, and land surveying professionals to help regulate the practices of engineering and land surveying in the state.

How to File a Complaint

In accordance with the Code of Alabama and the Administrative Code of the Board, all complaints must be in writing and contain the following: the name and address of the complaining party, a statement of facts, and the signature of the complainant.

Please provide as much detailed information as possible and include any supporting documentation when filing the complaint. A complaint form can be obtained from the board office or may be downloaded. If you would like to discuss your situation prior to actually filing a complaint, please call or e-mail Bob Herbert, Special Investigator, (334) 242-5089.

Complaint Filing

Complaints must be filed within two years of the date the violation occurred or within two years of the date of discovery of the violation, but no more than 10 years from the date of the violation. Any violation caused by fraud, deceit, or concealment is not subject to the 10 year time limitation.

Property Line Disputes

The Board cannot resolve property line disputes. The Board only conducts desktop reviews of questioned surveys and does not employ a surveyor to perform surveys or to retrace surveys that are in question. Only a court of law can resolve property line disputes.


Complaints submitted for investigation that involve matters that have also been submitted to a court for action, may or may not be placed on hold pending the outcome of the litigation. The Board will make the determination on a case by case basis; however, any complaint that concerns an on-going situation that immediately adversely impacts the public health, safety or welfare will not be placed on hold.

Fee and Contract Disputes

Most fee and contract disputes result from a lack of communication or misunderstanding between the parties. In most cases the disputes do not fall within the jurisdiction of the Board and must be resolved by the individual parties. The Board has no authority to award monetary damages.


When a complaint is received, an investigative committee comprised of a Board member, the Board attorney, and the Board’s executive director, is formed to conduct the investigation.

An investigator will gather information about the complaint and if necessary technical advisors will be used. Upon completion of the investigation, the committee will formulate a recommendation that will be presented to the Board for its consideration.

The severity of the violation will determine what type of action is taken. Actions may include an informal proceeding, a formal proceeding, or the referring of the case to a local district attorney for prosecution. If formal proceedings are warranted the Complainant may be required to testify.

Informal proceedings may require the respondent to appear before the Board. Formal proceedings may include the offer of a consent order, (also known as a negotiated settlement) or presentation of the investigation at a formal hearing. An Admininstrative Law Judge conducts the formal hearings in accordance with the Alabama Administrative Procedures Act. Board actions from formal hearings may be appealed to the Circuit Court of Montgomery County, Alabama.


All complaints will be acted upon and will receive our full attention. Depending on the complexity of the complaint, the investigative process may take several months to complete. Once completed, the complainant will be informed of the final action taken by the Board.